Friday, March 25, 2011

End Constipation

Nobody likes excess fat...

Crash diets dont work...

Having less fat on your body will allow your organs and bodily functions to perform better...

We all need to watch what we eat...

To learn more Husbanding to end Constipation

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cat Videos

While browsing I found these cat videos.

Okay, a few of those clips weren't funny. Or at least not in a good funny way. Sort of the way a rubber snake prank is (not) funny

My son and I built a Lincoln Log Fort It was large enough that our cat slipped in and took a nap. The problem began the instant she stretched when waking up. Yikes! What a mess !

Pedal Boats For Sale

While looking for pedal boats for sale I came across this video. It would be easy to rig up a cargo area for the ice chest and fishing gear. Check out this video.

Barbie And Ken Dolls

Barbie and Ken dolls. While looking for another Ken doll I found this video. Check it out

Remove Toy Wheels

Remove toy wheels, that can be a real pain. Check out this video