Monday, November 1, 2010

Cat Videos

While browsing I found these cat videos.

Okay, a few of those clips weren't funny. Or at least not in a good funny way. Sort of the way a rubber snake prank is (not) funny

My son and I built a Lincoln Log Fort It was large enough that our cat slipped in and took a nap. The problem began the instant she stretched when waking up. Yikes! What a mess !

Pedal Boats For Sale

While looking for pedal boats for sale I came across this video. It would be easy to rig up a cargo area for the ice chest and fishing gear. Check out this video.

Barbie And Ken Dolls

Barbie and Ken dolls. While looking for another Ken doll I found this video. Check it out

Remove Toy Wheels

Remove toy wheels, that can be a real pain. Check out this video